Angle of coverage

 45° , 30°

 Pupil diameter for photography 

45° :4.0mmŲ or more, 30° :3.7mmŲ or more 

 Patient diopter correction range

Without correction lens : -13D to +12D

(where split lines are used)

With minus correction lens : -12D to -33D

With plus correction lens : +9D to +40D

 Peripheral fixation

Internal 8 points 

 Flash intensity

Automatically changed corresponding to the angle of 45° and 30°
Manual setting in 9 steps is also available      

 Fluorescein system


Filter In/Out : manual

Memory : B/W

 Data picturing

Simultaneously name 

plate imaging 

Timer or name plate

 Data filing system

Data (R/L, angle and 8 fixed position) output to IMAGEnet is available

 Power source

Frequency : 50/60Hz 

Voltage :AC110, 120, 230, 240V selectable


Body: 24.5 kg, TV relay lens :1.0kg

Body: 24.9 kg, TV relay lens :1.1kg


 272(W) x 505(D) x 530(H) mm with TV relay lens

  Power consumption

400VA (Maximum), 100VA( Normal)